Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's almost done

On Monday I finally got all the infos about my hosting family. With this step I'm done and I'll start the period right before the leaving but at first I think I should explain how all the process works. It could be usuful to everyone who wants to leave with AFS (American Field Service)

In november I made the registration to the Intercultura (the italian correspondent of AFS) program paying a small amount of money -40 euros if I'm not wrong- then, some days later, I received a letter from Intercultura in which they said I had to have a test that includes drawings and an essay about myself. It's used in order to know if you are pshicologically suitable for a year in another country, it could look scary but it's a really silly test and you can fail only if you are very very unconfident or depressed and you draw your family dead or other psycho-stuff.
The same day I took the test I also had an interview with two volunteers from AFS during which they asked me why I wanted to make an exchange, where I wanted to go and other questions of the same matter.
The interview could be done even on another day, the test and the interview are not linked.

After that I received a 2cm high form to complete by december. What a nightmare! I think it is the worst part of all the program! ihihi!
The form had to be compiled in english on the Intercultura website through an account and that printed but the website was slow and I had so many problems. Moreover I did it on my own. I needed: the medical certificate, an essay done by me (the best part ^^), an essay done by my parents, the copy of my school report, the modules completed by the school and my english teacher, many modules about smoking and other stuff, two modules about the payment and the choise of the exchange country, a collection of photos and maybe I forgot something. But forgetting it's better...
I advice to do it very carefully, that it's the form which will be sent to the exchange country. And be sincere! I've been told of a girl who wrote she liked to ski even if she had never skied before and AFS sent her in a family in which everybody loved to ski every week-end...

Then ,after you sent the form, you have to wait and wait and wait....

Then you get a letter by february or march... "Complimenti, sei stato selezionato per partecipare al programma annuale di Intercultura in Finlandia" which translated is "Congratulations, you have been selected to take part to the annual intercultura's program in Finland"!!!!

I knew I was going to spend a year in a different way: the volunteer who cares about thoose who leaves is a teacher of my school so a morning she came to my class before the lessons started and she told me. I hugged her and started crying like a baby, I'll never forget that moment, I started hugging also my friend Valentina who has supported me from the beginning. Then I went to the toilet and I called my mother who was at work. She got scared a lot because I called her and she couldn't understan a word as I was crying. ahaha!

So in april the orientation starts. It consists of some group meetings about leaving, meeting a new culture and the prejudices we all have about diffent countries. I had much fun because I met all the young people who will leave during the next months and they fully understand how I feel about it.

In april I also came in contact with my host family. I've been very lucky because it usually takes much longer.

Now even the orientation is over -today I went to the last meeting- and I can just wait for august...

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