Wednesday, June 30, 2010

By night everything looks clearer

Time goes by and my mind is getting crowded and crowded of wicked thoughts and sweet and untrue memories
But I've found my hero, my saviour who faces those little devils with his white light
And I can only smile and give back the light of my eyes
This is my elegy to you, summer night


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The spanish inquisition has come

So, my lovely best friend has found out about the blog...
First he was indignant, shocked, hurt and so on.
After he was irritating, hypercritical, finicky and petulant about the grammar, typing mistakes and the style.
That's him after all and so, as now he'll be checking the blog everyday instead of studing, I'll have to correct each post and revise the style. The rules will be :
-"evita onomatopee", to avoid onomatopoeia;
-to not use a sentence translated from an italian one;
-to tell him everything about my life (I'm very close to it);
-to read my posts three, four, five times before posting;
-to sacrifice a lamb each full moon night for his sake.

Love ya.