Saturday, August 21, 2010

No niin!

No niin, here I am in Suomi-Finland!
After a long and tiring journey, train-plane-train from Venice to Kokkola, I met my family!

I really like it and I´m no longer worried... Mom and dad came to the train station and took me home, they are all so tall and I feel so small with my 1.65 cm of height; my sisters are very nice and sweet!
I just have had sauna and swam in the lake... while it was raining, I loved it! Now we are going to eat dinner so I don´t have the time to add some pictures but I took a samsung´s lumix camera with me and I already have done took a lot of pictures of the trip and the seaside near Kokkola.
Now it´s saturday and on monday I´m going to school for the first time, I´m excited but also so afraid because I don´t know how to move in the school and it´s so different from the italian school. But many people have come to exchangein Finland so I think I will survive, hopefully!