Monday, September 27, 2010

stalking Einstein

Last week I went to the library 'cause I wanted something to read, it's to early to read something in finnish but fortunately the town public library has also an english section so I gave a look. There is a small young section, full of fantasies and teenage-books. I don't like them but I checked anyway. I found this book, When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead, I read the side cover and it' looked intresting. About a 12 year-old girl who lives in NY during the 70's. A normal life but one day, after her best friend Sal gets punched by a kid, he shuts her out of his life and some time later she finds a note on a tiny peace of paper: "I am coming to save your friend's life, and my own. I ask to favors. First, you must write me a letter." Even if this book was written for young teenagers I read it anyway and finished it in one day. One of the best stories I've ever read. Touching, mature, deep and brilliant.
I advice to read it. I don't want to tell more. Beside that I was surprised to know that the story is somehow linked to Einstein's theory of relativity and the possibility if time travelling.

It is surprising because at the moment I'm reading another book, "L'Universo Elegante" (The Elegant Universe), which is about the superstrings theory, a TOE (theory of everything) that would unite Einstein's theory and quantum mechanics. I know it's neard-stuff but I like physics. The book is sometimes quite difficult but it's quite easy to read even for me that I'm 17. It really seems that everywhere I go or everything I read has a bit of Einstein in it. It's not the first time it happens. Einstein it's really stalking me. I just have to see if in the next book I read Einstein will stalk me again. I wouldn't complain about it.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

like a proper saturday should be

 It has been raining the whole week, crazy, but was funny to have some pepper in the everyday life (whit pepper I mean coming back from school by bike while raining)... by the way after a good breakfast me, my sisters and my mother (that I'm getting used to call so) challenged the shitty weather to go shopping.

I don´t consider myself a shopping addicted or like those girls who just care about appearance... anyway in Italy shopping means buing something expensive maybe ugly just to show a kind of social status, in Finland it's more a search for something affordable, nice and represents you and your style.I like shopping the finnish way, and H&M it's great for the purpose.

Usually I don't usually buy so many stuff but I needed it. I wanted confortable nice clothes for this autumn and, beside this, having just 20 kilos of clothes don't give such a wide choise... I was a great break from the spinning wheel of news I'm going through. And I really liked staying with my sisters, I like them in a simple way, a can't explain that but that's how it is. So everything is from H&M; here there aren't shops like StradivariusPull & Bear or Bershka that I personally like or at least I haven't seen them. Except for the throusers, they are from Minimani, a kind of cheap supermarket... they are so huge and comfortable! Awww!

This is my favourite one: the Rolling Stones mouth it's rocking, funny, spicy... I usually wear grey, black clothes (pretty much what I actually bought) so I bought this which is still black but also has sparkles... I usually avoid sparkes carefully but here I like them. Do you know that feeling when you have bought something that you really like and you don't regret it... really great feeling!
So in the end it was a great saturday, like all saturdays should be...

Friday, September 24, 2010

pics pie - I love fridays

'cause a picture of my feet it's so original

I just blame having just a rotten small digital camera with me

from the AFS camp- this pic makes sense to me, loved that night

for my friends in Italy, they know the story behind this and I thank them for still remembering me

the macro-function actually makes me look like good at taking pictures

I've always loved B&J I simply didn't know that

Fäboda-great place, nice Sunday

and here comes another great original picture- shadow pic!

ok, it's not my kind but whatever

I don't know

I blame myself for not posting before but I was lack of time or will, whatever... here some pics from the first month. Next time I will post properly I hope, I promise....