Sunday, September 26, 2010

like a proper saturday should be

 It has been raining the whole week, crazy, but was funny to have some pepper in the everyday life (whit pepper I mean coming back from school by bike while raining)... by the way after a good breakfast me, my sisters and my mother (that I'm getting used to call so) challenged the shitty weather to go shopping.

I don´t consider myself a shopping addicted or like those girls who just care about appearance... anyway in Italy shopping means buing something expensive maybe ugly just to show a kind of social status, in Finland it's more a search for something affordable, nice and represents you and your style.I like shopping the finnish way, and H&M it's great for the purpose.

Usually I don't usually buy so many stuff but I needed it. I wanted confortable nice clothes for this autumn and, beside this, having just 20 kilos of clothes don't give such a wide choise... I was a great break from the spinning wheel of news I'm going through. And I really liked staying with my sisters, I like them in a simple way, a can't explain that but that's how it is. So everything is from H&M; here there aren't shops like StradivariusPull & Bear or Bershka that I personally like or at least I haven't seen them. Except for the throusers, they are from Minimani, a kind of cheap supermarket... they are so huge and comfortable! Awww!

This is my favourite one: the Rolling Stones mouth it's rocking, funny, spicy... I usually wear grey, black clothes (pretty much what I actually bought) so I bought this which is still black but also has sparkles... I usually avoid sparkes carefully but here I like them. Do you know that feeling when you have bought something that you really like and you don't regret it... really great feeling!
So in the end it was a great saturday, like all saturdays should be...

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  1. Mein Gott! Those trowsers are horrible! XD
    Btw I've just checked (you know I needed to :3): there's no Stradivarius, Breshka or Pull&Bear in Finland by now. There are even only 4 Zara stores and I doubt one of theme is in Lärmso...

    Nice shopping by the way :)
    It was nice to read from you once again.