Friday, September 24, 2010

pics pie - I love fridays

'cause a picture of my feet it's so original

I just blame having just a rotten small digital camera with me

from the AFS camp- this pic makes sense to me, loved that night

for my friends in Italy, they know the story behind this and I thank them for still remembering me

the macro-function actually makes me look like good at taking pictures

I've always loved B&J I simply didn't know that

Fäboda-great place, nice Sunday

and here comes another great original picture- shadow pic!

ok, it's not my kind but whatever

I don't know

I blame myself for not posting before but I was lack of time or will, whatever... here some pics from the first month. Next time I will post properly I hope, I promise....


  1. you finally updated ! yay:-)

    Ben & Jerryyyyyyyys <3

  2. yep! but I didn't know YOU had a blog :D

    niiiice :)

  3. haha maybe i should advertise it:D

    yea i've been waiting for you to post from the moment i heard about your blog :D nice shoppings btw^ :-)