Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's a wild world

It's already wednesday and probably the week will pass even faster 'cause I'm attending a finnish course with AFS during the weekend. Sometimes I start thinking that it has been almost two most months since I came to Finland and I start thinking that I should do more or do best but there's no use in worring like that 'cause by now things are going in the best way possible. I getting used to live here and my everyday life is not that boring after all. Beside this every weekend I got something to do in a way or another.
Last weekend I've to the Turvakurssi (security course) with the school. It is basically a course where you learn how to act in case of fire or in others situations of danger and how to give firsthelp. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to attend it that but in Finland my philosophy is to catch every chance to make experiences and stay with new people whatever it comes, and since now it has been working greatly. 
I really had a great fun, I stood all the time with some girls who are friends of my sister and they are very nice. I had the chance to try to talk a little bit more (my language skills are improving day by day) and to eat a lot of junk food.
It was a proper camping, sleeping in a tent, grilling food (every kind of food, really) and freezing.
The first day we build up the camp and in the end we had a lot of free time which means food time. The next day we did orientering (me and B got third!), switched fires, took long and boring lessons, search of a lost person (no for real obvs.) and ate ate ate.
The last day we left the in the morning. As we were in a military camp we were wearing all the time military suits, comfortable and warm but so large!Tomorrow I'm going to Vaasa for a university lesson, I can't way to be there and use my free time there to shop. More pictures coming soon of course!

how a tent should be and how our was

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