Sunday, November 7, 2010


I've spent a great weekend with I and A... A good chance to chat, eat unhealthy food, hug and laugh. I also took tons of good pics, unfortunaltely I can not find the camera's wire so I'm fucked.
Many people keep on telling that in this period of my exchange year I should be somehow depressed but I'm not, I fell great, I love being here and I'm learnign things about myself and my life. In this moment I want to travel, live, love, trust, grow, scream, laugh, dance!
I feel that people have freedom but somehow they don't realize it or don't like it and end up living the same life everyday of their life and someone's duty is to do the contrary. I know it's a lot of big talking and it's all so naive but I want to keep on living this way.

from Tattoologist blog
I think that sooner or later I'll get a tattoo of this kind.

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