Saturday, January 15, 2011

omg, my hunger is over

Today I dragged myself out from my bed to spend a cold morning with G... even if at first I couldn't keep my eyes opened I managed to talk, think... I also saw pics from San Francisco 'cause a close friend of mine went there for xmas, gourgeus!
I found time to go shopping -nothing was bought though-, I'm falling in love with green and military insipired clothing... that would be a new spot of colour in my wardrobe which kind of depressing if I think about it!


  1. Wow this dessert looks incredibly delicious and full of calories. But one needs them in winter right?
    At least to climb those snow mountains you have...

    stop by sometime!

  2. Yay for green!
    Boo for military D:

  3. that dessert was enough for the all day... it screwed my hunger!