Thursday, January 13, 2011

What defines "me"?

There are many things  I think about as I suppose everyone else does but I don't dare writing them either because they absolutely make no sense or because I prefer keep them for myself... but my mind is starting to get crowed.
As I already told, this a time for changes so I've started wondering: if my tastes change -not deeply though but still, who knows- , my behaviour changes, my personality even, then... what defines me really?
As I'm not a philopher and I'm just a 17 year-old girl in a world inhabitated by 6 billions people's I don't claim to find a right answer to maybe one of the world's biggest matters but just one that can keep me on balance or be right at least for me.
At first I fell on the clich√© of  "the choices you make defines you for what you are" but still it's too easy, it can't be like this!
Maybe the change is not the problem but the answer... we all born the same even if in different environments but in the end of our lives we have been so many different people. We are what we are this moment and what we were and what we will be... we just will know it to the end, like a gift before death.
I'm the baby screaming and puking,
I'm the child saying "ponderare" who doesn't like tomatoes,
I'm the 11 year-old with the red extentions in her hair hating all her classmates,
I'm the 12 year-old who forgets how to talk and learns to suffer,
I'm the 14 year-old afraid of what she became,
I'm the 16 year-old learning to say "I love you"
I'm the 17 year-old looking at the stars crying,
I'm the one putting everything at risk no matter what,
I'm the blogger writing nonsense,

and still, please forgive me for all of this, I don't mean making poetry...

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